Betfair To Stay In Jersey Market

The Trump Plaza online casino will be shutting down their doors for good on September 16th, after nearly a year in operation the Trump Plaza online casino has been forced to shut down their doors as they haven’t been able to turn a profit what so ever. The casino was actually losing money, the casino wanted to shut down months ago but continued to operate in hopes that their popularity would increase in those final three months. Unfortunately their popularity dwindled down to almost nothing which resulted in the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement telling the Trump Plaza online casino to shut down their doors.

betfair logo

No one will miss this online casino as the majority didn’t bother to even register an account with them as their services seemed poor. What punters have been concerned with is what will happen with Betfair? many have been waiting for this software to transfer over to another online casino and with Trump’s closing it could mean that this software developer will leave the market as well. You need not to worry as Betfair will continue to operate in the New Jersey Online Gambling Industry. They just first have to find an online casino that is willing to take on their platform and provide it to their punters.

There isn’t any word as to which online casino will be taking up Betfair as a platform. Many people hope that Tropicana Casino will take them up as their popularity is large in scale and having Betfair as a platform will only allow for that popularity to grow.

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