Four Potential New Teams

The National Hockey League has announced that their considering adding a four additional teams to the NHL. This came as a shock to many as the NHL is already the largest professional sports league in the world. One new team will be added to each one of the four NHL divisions. This information was released after the NHL Association revealed to the press that they proposed this idea to see if anyone will come up and offer their money in order to create a new team.


This means that these new NHL Teams could be located anywhere across Northern America. It’s unknown as of right now where these potential new four teams might be located but we do know that depending on their location they’ll be able to become a major sports property. There have already been sports analysts who believe that bringing a new team to Ontario or British Columbia would prove to a major success in the future. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t any other major cities in Ontario other than Hamilton in which a new NHL Team could be justified.

The Pacific Division will more than likely create the best team out of each other division as it holds last year’s Stanley Cup winners the “Los Angeles Kings”. These new teams wouldn’t be created until the 2014/2015 NHL Season has ended which won’t be for another six months. We’ll keep you updated on what might happen with these four new teams, it could just be that this proposed idea never comes to light.

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