Fun View Poker Software Released

Microgaming is one of the few operates in the online gambling market that go out of their way in order to please their players. One of the most recent complaints that Microgaming has been getting is that their poker platform doesn’t work with widescreen mobile devices & widescreen computer monitors.


The screen size would always shorten in size which would make it that much harder for players to see the game and to live the full experience of this platform. That’s why Microgaming revealed this week that they’ve released “Fun View”, a new component in their platform which will allow for any poker game to be expanded for wide screen devices.

It’s good that Microgaming has released “Fun View” as it will allow for their poker platform to become more popular. The majority of people use wide screen devices and don’t enjoy experiencing anything that shrinks down their screen size. Microgaming has stated that they plan to see a 23% increase in player activity for their poker platform within the first month after Fun View’s release. If this is the case than Microgaming will quickly become a major player in the online poker industry.

There is currently six online casinos that are offering this new feature & other online casinos that run under the Microgaming Poker Platform will receive this new feature in the upcoming weeks. Those wishing to experience this new feature can do so on Betsson, BetSafe, NordicBet or any of the other three online casinos that are currently offering this new feature.

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