Monthly Archives: January 2015

$1 Million Tournament Prize

Poker online has become a large industries with countless players winning life changing jackpots or tournaments through various online poker rooms. Today, yet another person was added to the ever expanding list of winning players as a Russian Punter was able to trigger a $1 Million Tournament Prize on the “PokerStars Spin & Go Tournament”, the first of its kind for the Russian PokerStars casino.


We know that this winning player was only wagering $5 per hand when he won the tournament. The winner’s name is SS66666, who was able to win the tournament after playing in it for only fourteen minutes. Along the way while playing this tournament he was able to beat two well known online poker players, Nonko99 & Gelduvel lost to the likes of this new player. Unfortunately details on how this final hand played out hasn’t been revealed as of right now. None the less both of these professional players were able to walk away with $100,000 as subsidiary prizes.

Just because SS66666 was able to win this tournament doesn’t mean that it has ended yet. The tournament is still ongoing as it is offering multiple $1 Million tournament prizes to players. This tournament will continue to run until the end of January. Those wishing to try their luck at this tournament will first have to be located in Russia, create an account with PokerStars Russia & have a valid payment method to deposit with. We’ll inform you of the other winners when they are revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Bitcoin Poker Hall Launching

Bitcoins have become a new form of currency on the internet that can be used for a variety of different purposes. The bitcoins can be used anywhere from purchasing yourself a new HDTV or gambling online. Recently a bitcoin based online casino began their operations, already becoming known across to those who frequently use bitcoins as a form of currency. Today, is was revealed that “Bit’n’Play”, a brand new poker hall that accepts only bitcoins as a form of currency will be launching in the early weeks of 2015.

Bit n'Play

Players at this poker hall will be able to use a variety of different bitcoin wallets in order to deposit their funds into this poker room. This poker hall won’t transfer your winning into the currency used in your country, instead you will be rewarded in bitcoins which can then be sold online. Unfortunately as of right now there is nothing known regarding which software will be used at this poker hall. Bit n’Play did state that their software is created by a tailor made & well respected operator in the online gambling market. They also noted that this platform will run on an HTML5 Based Format which means it’ll be able to run in your web browser and mobile devices as well.

This means punters at “Bit n’Play” will be able to experience what sounds like an incredible platform through a variety of different methods. This’ll make your gambling experience far more thrilling, we shall inform you on the actual release date on this poker room when it is revealed to the media.