California Voting on Online Poker Bill

There are many different states across the USA that are now considering online poker or online gambling as a reasonable form of entertainment that could bring in large profits for the state. This is why California, a state with dozens of Millionaires is considering online poker being legalized within the state. California Assembly Bill Number 431 is going to be voted on this upcoming Thursday on June 4th, 2015.


If this bill is to be legalized that means big name poker firms such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker or Caesars Entertainment could enter the California poker market. The citizens of the state of California have expressed that they hope this bill will come into effect as online poker & online gambling has been unavailable to these citizens for more than a decade. In return major profits would come in store which could be used towards solving the water crisis in the state and help control the mass amount of wild fires that happen yearly.

The Governor of California would then have this bill on his desk no later than twenty four hours after the bill had been passed. Upon his final signature the law would be activated which would end the five year long online poker saga in the state. Currently online Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware provide an online gambling market to their citizens with many other states considering it. We shall keep you posted as to what happens with this bill and if it comes into effect.

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