Austria Restricts All Forms of Poker

In a surprising turn of events Austria has decided to restrict all forms of poker within their country. That means that land based poker, online poker and mobile poker are all being restricted within the country. This announcement has come as one of the biggest shocks to Austrian Citizens. It was only weeks ago that it was revealed that the online poker market would be abolished by the end of the month, only to now realize all forms of poker are being abolished.


The reason that the Austrian Government is having to restrict this form of gambling is due to the country’s tax reform. The fact of the matter is that the majority of countries within the European Union are having an incredibly hard time sustaining the progressive lifestyle that they live. Paying for schooling, incredible health care and so much more has caused for governments to begin to lose money.

Austria is now reforming as to where the citizens taxes go & all forms of gambling will no longer receive any funding. This mainly effects land based gamblers but none the less the Austrian Government would rather the citizens money go elsewhere in order to expand other industries that can be of far more use to the country.If the Austrian Government plans of resurrecting the online poker market within the upcoming years changes we will advise you on that update if and when it occurs. As of now it seems that this won’t be the case as the European Union & European Court of Justice have agreed to these restrictions.

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