Online Poker Down Once Again! – 262

Poker Scout, an online poker firm that monitors how much video or live poker is being played around the world has revealed that online poker is once again down within the market. It seems that within the last thirty one days there has been a three percent decline in player activity & a further twenty percent decline in large deposits.


The poker detection firm has revealed many of times that online poker is continuing to decline in popularity and that the market must make a major change in order to increase the games popularity once again. PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker, now owned by Amaya Gaming has heard the call from players and have begun to better their poker platform. New social features, new promotions and sometimes in certain cases prizes are all available in their platforms as well. On top of that these two casinos, now ranked #1 and #2 for most played poker firms in the world have also included an array of slots and other casino games to increase player activity.

Even though these two casinos are still considered to be the best, they still feel the effects of the market declining. Last year both these poker firms had roughly 17.8% more punters playing on a regular basis. A lot still need to be done in order to make online poker fun once again.Those who may wish to play with either of the two poker sites can do so by signing up with them today. Each offer a nice welcome bonus and new social features as well.

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