Video Poker Patent Granted to IGT

Video Poker continues to still stand as one of the most beloved casino games on the internet, land based casinos and as well as on mobile devices. This is why International Game Technology, formally known as IGT has received a video poker patent within the United States of America. This patent will hold for all multi-hand video poker titles until November, 2016. Afterwards other companies will have the chance to provide video poker titles in the US Market.


This announcement was made through a company wide statement, the statement essentially read that IGT is one of the global provider of video slots, slot machines and more. Due to this they’ve been able to receive a video poker patent within the United States of America. This patent will allow for the company to create new video poker machines that’ll be placed throughout an array of different land based casinos in the United States of America. This means that IGT could become the leading provider of video poker machines in the world in the upcoming years. This isn’t surprising as they already stand as the leading provider of slot machines. Almost every slot machine played at a land based casino is IGT based.

Those who prefer an online or mobile gambling experience can also experience their software at an array of different online casinos. Though registering an account with a valid payment method will be required before any of these IGT based games can be played online or through a mobile device such as the iPad.

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