New Jersey Prolonging PokerStars Licence Approval

The New Jersey Division for Gaming Enforcement has now noted that they are unsure if they will grant and e-gaming license to PokerStars/Full Tilt, a company now owned by Canadian gambling firm “Amaya Gaming”. This is prolonging potential incredible gambling experiences for thousands of punters around the state of New Jersey.


The Director, David Rebuck revealed in his announcement that they are still going through the process of approving this gambling firm. They are just unsure if they’ll 100% go through with the approval, doing the necessary paper work is only in order to make their potential approval faster. Apparently the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement have gone to the effort to travel to multiple countries, conducting eighty different interviews in the process. Though any statements made before Amaya Gaming took over these companies should be thrown under the water as their irrelevant.

If Amaya Gaming is able to receive the New Jersey E-Gaming License then they’ll be ready to launch their platforms on day one. This is because the company already has a deal with an online casino operating in the state. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is that the previous operators of these two poker casinos operated in a poor manner, so much so that a multi-million dollar case was made against PokerStars by the Federal US Government. These are the issues which have already caused for the delay, any potential approval is only due to the fact that these two poker casinos are running under new management.

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