Party Poker Becomes Recreational

Party Poker is one of the few rivals of poker giants “PokerStars” and “Full Tilt Poker”. Unfortunately in the recent months the player percentage at Party Poker has been negatively affected due to their competition becoming more recreational. This means that various other casino games were provided at these poker halls, eventually becoming online casinos in the process. In order to combat against the lower player revenues, Party Poker has announced that they will be going down a more recreational route as well.


This move will be accomplished via a software update that’s planned to be released in the upcoming weeks. This new software update will have the inclusion of new casino games, including possibly slots but that’s unknown as of right now. The biggest addition in this update is that professional poker players will no longer be able to manipulate their table & seating position. Those whom play professionally will now have to wait in the waiting list just as everyone else would be. This’ll surely bring back a mass amount of recreational poker players back to the platform.

There’s no word as to what new casino games will be coming to Party Poker in the upcoming days. It could just be that there adding an array of new poker titles but analysts presume that this isn’t the case. The only way that this poker platform will be able to rival PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker is if they add casino games and move onwards to a casino styled platform. This could prove to be difficult as Party Poker has noted before that they’re not willing to comprise.

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