Virtual Reality Poker Arrives!

Millions to potentially billions of people across the globe can’t gamble at a land based casino due to the fact that they live nowhere near a casino facility, gambling online can also sometimes provide an experience which is lesser than that of a land based casino. Luckily this could all change in the coming years as a new technology has allowed for virtual reality poker. The , the first ever Virtual Reality headset available for consumers now has an application called “Casino VR: Poker” and it allows for users to experience poker in a way that resembles land based casinos perfectly.

Oculus Rift

The graphics for this application as of right now are sub-par to say the least. The visuals available on this device won’t be that of true reality & won’t be for more than likely a decade, which at that point being able to tell the difference between the real and virtual world will be nearly impossible. None the less players can still enjoy an experience which is more fun than an online experience & resembles a land based casino enough that players will be able to wait until their next adventure to a far away city offering a brick & mortar casino.

Virtual Reality won’t be a product that dies, it’ll only have more investors as time goes on and the technology will become far more advanced. As this happens the visuals will become better, the experience will become more exciting and it’s resemble reality in a manner that is just like the one we’re experience right now.