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Virtual Reality Poker Arrives!

Millions to potentially billions of people across the globe can’t gamble at a land based casino due to the fact that they live nowhere near a casino facility, gambling online can also sometimes provide an experience which is lesser than that of a land based casino. Luckily this could all change in the coming years as a new technology has allowed for virtual reality poker. The , the first ever Virtual Reality headset available for consumers now has an application called “Casino VR: Poker” and it allows for users to experience poker in a way that resembles land based casinos perfectly.

Oculus Rift

The graphics for this application as of right now are sub-par to say the least. The visuals available on this device won’t be that of true reality & won’t be for more than likely a decade, which at that point being able to tell the difference between the real and virtual world will be nearly impossible. None the less players can still enjoy an experience which is more fun than an online experience & resembles a land based casino enough that players will be able to wait until their next adventure to a far away city offering a brick & mortar casino.

Virtual Reality won’t be a product that dies, it’ll only have more investors as time goes on and the technology will become far more advanced. As this happens the visuals will become better, the experience will become more exciting and it’s resemble reality in a manner that is just like the one we’re experience right now.

Royal Flush Triggers $208,000 at Bovada

Video poker is one of the most beloved forms of gambling known to the web and today it was revealed that yet another punter has been able to win a life altering amount of money while playing this game. The latest is Edward K. from Connecticut, he was able to trigger a win worth $208,000 while playing Joker Poker at Bovada Casino. This marks one of the most profitable wins ever seen in this casino game to date.


Edward was playing Joker Poker when he triggered a royal flush while he was using the Joker icon as a wild symbol. This allowed for the second largest profitable winning combination in the game to be triggered, this also marks the first that that this hand has ever been seen in Joker Poker, a video poker game that is relatively new to the scene. The highest paying hand in this game is the Natural Royal Flush, it’ll payout $400,000 to $500,000.

Edward also made a short statement saying, “You don’t expect to win, you don’t expect for your dreams of winning big money to ever come true. I’m planning on taking a vacation down south and buying a new car, other than that I’m just happy to say I’ve reached a new tax bracket.”

Bovada is an online sportsbook, casino and poker room that services United States online gambling throughout all fifty one states. It’s a popular offshoot of the Bodog brand which is why it’s been able to reach such high levels of popularity throughout its course of operation.

Amaya Gaming Extends Partnership with RTP Charity

Amaya Gaming, the current owners of the poker brands known as “Full Tilt” and “PokerStars” announced today that they have extended their partnership with the charity known as “Rights to Play.” This charity is vastly unique in the sense that it uses sports & gambling games in order to generate revenue that in return does honorable things for children throughout the world.


One of the best aspects about the “Rights to Play” charity is that their sponsors are some of the largest in the industry which in return allows for all the revenues generated to be sent to the proper places and not into the pockets of whomever own these charities. The money brought in through this charity is sent to thousands of different sports programs through Europe, Asia & North America. The funds go to get new equipment, train coaches and pay for the children to play instead of parents.

PokerStars & Full Tilt also revealed for every 1,200 frequent player point donated by punters, PokerStars & Full Tilt will both make a $20 donation to the charity as well. This could generate thousands to millions of dollars. The company has also announced that they’ll support a variety of other charities in areas that they hold tournaments, that’ll include the upcoming PokerStars European Poker Tour. It seems that Amaya Gaming is doing everything in their power to once again make PokerStars and Full Tilt an honourable online casino to play at. Something that those whom play at the casino know to be true and valid.

Party Poker Becomes Recreational

Party Poker is one of the few rivals of poker giants “PokerStars” and “Full Tilt Poker”. Unfortunately in the recent months the player percentage at Party Poker has been negatively affected due to their competition becoming more recreational. This means that various other casino games were provided at these poker halls, eventually becoming online casinos in the process. In order to combat against the lower player revenues, Party Poker has announced that they will be going down a more recreational route as well.


This move will be accomplished via a software update that’s planned to be released in the upcoming weeks. This new software update will have the inclusion of new casino games, including possibly slots but that’s unknown as of right now. The biggest addition in this update is that professional poker players will no longer be able to manipulate their table & seating position. Those whom play professionally will now have to wait in the waiting list just as everyone else would be. This’ll surely bring back a mass amount of recreational poker players back to the platform.

There’s no word as to what new casino games will be coming to Party Poker in the upcoming days. It could just be that there adding an array of new poker titles but analysts presume that this isn’t the case. The only way that this poker platform will be able to rival PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker is if they add casino games and move onwards to a casino styled platform. This could prove to be difficult as Party Poker has noted before that they’re not willing to comprise.

New Jersey Prolonging PokerStars Licence Approval

The New Jersey Division for Gaming Enforcement has now noted that they are unsure if they will grant and e-gaming license to PokerStars/Full Tilt, a company now owned by Canadian gambling firm “Amaya Gaming”. This is prolonging potential incredible gambling experiences for thousands of punters around the state of New Jersey.


The Director, David Rebuck revealed in his announcement that they are still going through the process of approving this gambling firm. They are just unsure if they’ll 100% go through with the approval, doing the necessary paper work is only in order to make their potential approval faster. Apparently the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement have gone to the effort to travel to multiple countries, conducting eighty different interviews in the process. Though any statements made before Amaya Gaming took over these companies should be thrown under the water as their irrelevant.

If Amaya Gaming is able to receive the New Jersey E-Gaming License then they’ll be ready to launch their platforms on day one. This is because the company already has a deal with an online casino operating in the state. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is that the previous operators of these two poker casinos operated in a poor manner, so much so that a multi-million dollar case was made against PokerStars by the Federal US Government. These are the issues which have already caused for the delay, any potential approval is only due to the fact that these two poker casinos are running under new management.

Video Poker Patent Granted to IGT

Video Poker continues to still stand as one of the most beloved casino games on the internet, land based casinos and as well as on mobile devices. This is why International Game Technology, formally known as IGT has received a video poker patent within the United States of America. This patent will hold for all multi-hand video poker titles until November, 2016. Afterwards other companies will have the chance to provide video poker titles in the US Market.


This announcement was made through a company wide statement, the statement essentially read that IGT is one of the global provider of video slots, slot machines and more. Due to this they’ve been able to receive a video poker patent within the United States of America. This patent will allow for the company to create new video poker machines that’ll be placed throughout an array of different land based casinos in the United States of America. This means that IGT could become the leading provider of video poker machines in the world in the upcoming years. This isn’t surprising as they already stand as the leading provider of slot machines. Almost every slot machine played at a land based casino is IGT based.

Those who prefer an online or mobile gambling experience can also experience their software at an array of different online casinos. Though registering an account with a valid payment method will be required before any of these IGT based games can be played online or through a mobile device such as the iPad.

Online Poker Down Once Again! – 262

Poker Scout, an online poker firm that monitors how much video or live poker is being played around the world has revealed that online poker is once again down within the market. It seems that within the last thirty one days there has been a three percent decline in player activity & a further twenty percent decline in large deposits.


The poker detection firm has revealed many of times that online poker is continuing to decline in popularity and that the market must make a major change in order to increase the games popularity once again. PokerStars & Full Tilt Poker, now owned by Amaya Gaming has heard the call from players and have begun to better their poker platform. New social features, new promotions and sometimes in certain cases prizes are all available in their platforms as well. On top of that these two casinos, now ranked #1 and #2 for most played poker firms in the world have also included an array of slots and other casino games to increase player activity.

Even though these two casinos are still considered to be the best, they still feel the effects of the market declining. Last year both these poker firms had roughly 17.8% more punters playing on a regular basis. A lot still need to be done in order to make online poker fun once again.Those who may wish to play with either of the two poker sites can do so by signing up with them today. Each offer a nice welcome bonus and new social features as well.

Austria Restricts All Forms of Poker

In a surprising turn of events Austria has decided to restrict all forms of poker within their country. That means that land based poker, online poker and mobile poker are all being restricted within the country. This announcement has come as one of the biggest shocks to Austrian Citizens. It was only weeks ago that it was revealed that the online poker market would be abolished by the end of the month, only to now realize all forms of poker are being abolished.


The reason that the Austrian Government is having to restrict this form of gambling is due to the country’s tax reform. The fact of the matter is that the majority of countries within the European Union are having an incredibly hard time sustaining the progressive lifestyle that they live. Paying for schooling, incredible health care and so much more has caused for governments to begin to lose money.

Austria is now reforming as to where the citizens taxes go & all forms of gambling will no longer receive any funding. This mainly effects land based gamblers but none the less the Austrian Government would rather the citizens money go elsewhere in order to expand other industries that can be of far more use to the country.If the Austrian Government plans of resurrecting the online poker market within the upcoming years changes we will advise you on that update if and when it occurs. As of now it seems that this won’t be the case as the European Union & European Court of Justice have agreed to these restrictions.

California Voting on Online Poker Bill

There are many different states across the USA that are now considering online poker or online gambling as a reasonable form of entertainment that could bring in large profits for the state. This is why California, a state with dozens of Millionaires is considering online poker being legalized within the state. California Assembly Bill Number 431 is going to be voted on this upcoming Thursday on June 4th, 2015.


If this bill is to be legalized that means big name poker firms such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker or Caesars Entertainment could enter the California poker market. The citizens of the state of California have expressed that they hope this bill will come into effect as online poker & online gambling has been unavailable to these citizens for more than a decade. In return major profits would come in store which could be used towards solving the water crisis in the state and help control the mass amount of wild fires that happen yearly.

The Governor of California would then have this bill on his desk no later than twenty four hours after the bill had been passed. Upon his final signature the law would be activated which would end the five year long online poker saga in the state. Currently online Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware provide an online gambling market to their citizens with many other states considering it. We shall keep you posted as to what happens with this bill and if it comes into effect.

$1 Million Tournament Prize

Poker online has become a large industries with countless players winning life changing jackpots or tournaments through various online poker rooms. Today, yet another person was added to the ever expanding list of winning players as a Russian Punter was able to trigger a $1 Million Tournament Prize on the “PokerStars Spin & Go Tournament”, the first of its kind for the Russian PokerStars casino.


We know that this winning player was only wagering $5 per hand when he won the tournament. The winner’s name is SS66666, who was able to win the tournament after playing in it for only fourteen minutes. Along the way while playing this tournament he was able to beat two well known online poker players, Nonko99 & Gelduvel lost to the likes of this new player. Unfortunately details on how this final hand played out hasn’t been revealed as of right now. None the less both of these professional players were able to walk away with $100,000 as subsidiary prizes.

Just because SS66666 was able to win this tournament doesn’t mean that it has ended yet. The tournament is still ongoing as it is offering multiple $1 Million tournament prizes to players. This tournament will continue to run until the end of January. Those wishing to try their luck at this tournament will first have to be located in Russia, create an account with PokerStars Russia & have a valid payment method to deposit with. We’ll inform you of the other winners when they are revealed in the upcoming weeks.