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Bitcoin Poker Hall Launching

Bitcoins have become a new form of currency on the internet that can be used for a variety of different purposes. The bitcoins can be used anywhere from purchasing yourself a new HDTV or gambling online. Recently a bitcoin based online casino began their operations, already becoming known across to those who frequently use bitcoins as a form of currency. Today, is was revealed that “Bit’n’Play”, a brand new poker hall that accepts only bitcoins as a form of currency will be launching in the early weeks of 2015.

Bit n'Play

Players at this poker hall will be able to use a variety of different bitcoin wallets in order to deposit their funds into this poker room. This poker hall won’t transfer your winning into the currency used in your country, instead you will be rewarded in bitcoins which can then be sold online. Unfortunately as of right now there is nothing known regarding which software will be used at this poker hall. Bit n’Play did state that their software is created by a tailor made & well respected operator in the online gambling market. They also noted that this platform will run on an HTML5 Based Format which means it’ll be able to run in your web browser and mobile devices as well.

This means punters at “Bit n’Play” will be able to experience what sounds like an incredible platform through a variety of different methods. This’ll make your gambling experience far more thrilling, we shall inform you on the actual release date on this poker room when it is revealed to the media.

Fun View Poker Software Released

Microgaming is one of the few operates in the online gambling market that go out of their way in order to please their players. One of the most recent complaints that Microgaming has been getting is that their poker platform doesn’t work with widescreen mobile devices & widescreen computer monitors.


The screen size would always shorten in size which would make it that much harder for players to see the game and to live the full experience of this platform. That’s why Microgaming revealed this week that they’ve released “Fun View”, a new component in their platform which will allow for any poker game to be expanded for wide screen devices.

It’s good that Microgaming has released “Fun View” as it will allow for their poker platform to become more popular. The majority of people use wide screen devices and don’t enjoy experiencing anything that shrinks down their screen size. Microgaming has stated that they plan to see a 23% increase in player activity for their poker platform within the first month after Fun View’s release. If this is the case than Microgaming will quickly become a major player in the online poker industry.

There is currently six online casinos that are offering this new feature & other online casinos that run under the Microgaming Poker Platform will receive this new feature in the upcoming weeks. Those wishing to experience this new feature can do so on Betsson, BetSafe, NordicBet or any of the other three online casinos that are currently offering this new feature.

Mobile Video Poker Titles

Net Entertainment throughout their many years of operating in the industry have not only continued to provide an astonishing gambling experience but they also have continued providing their punters with new casino games to enjoy. The latest game to be released by Net Entertainment is a video poker title for mobile punters.

Net Entertainment

These mobile video poker titles are currently all available on the Net Entertainment PC Platform. These games were highly requested by mobile punters which lead to Net Entertainment porting over Jacks or Best Double Up, All American Double Up, Blackjack Classic Torch, Joker Wild Double Up & Deuces Wild Double Up. Each one of these games have provided big winning opportunities to PC Punters and those winning opportunities will now be offered to mobile punters.

These video poker titles allow for you to either wager one hand, ten hands or a maximum of twenty five hands per turn. Those who win on their twenty five, ten hand or one hand bet will also be able to double up on their winnings by guessing the correct color of the next card that appears on the flop. This can result in large wins then you expected.

Those who wish to play Jacks or Better Double Up & any of the other four titles ported over to the Net Ent Mobile Platform will be able to do so by signing up with a casino which provides this platform to their mobile punters. Net Entertainment also offers an array of different slots and casino games to mobile punters which means you’ll never be bored after you sign up under a Net Ent Mobile Casino.

Four Potential New Teams

The National Hockey League has announced that their considering adding a four additional teams to the NHL. This came as a shock to many as the NHL is already the largest professional sports league in the world. One new team will be added to each one of the four NHL divisions. This information was released after the NHL Association revealed to the press that they proposed this idea to see if anyone will come up and offer their money in order to create a new team.


This means that these new NHL Teams could be located anywhere across Northern America. It’s unknown as of right now where these potential new four teams might be located but we do know that depending on their location they’ll be able to become a major sports property. There have already been sports analysts who believe that bringing a new team to Ontario or British Columbia would prove to a major success in the future. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t any other major cities in Ontario other than Hamilton in which a new NHL Team could be justified.

The Pacific Division will more than likely create the best team out of each other division as it holds last year’s Stanley Cup winners the “Los Angeles Kings”. These new teams wouldn’t be created until the 2014/2015 NHL Season has ended which won’t be for another six months. We’ll keep you updated on what might happen with these four new teams, it could just be that this proposed idea never comes to light.

Mansion Poker

Mansion Poker revealed last week that their abandoning the United Kingdom Online Gambling Market on September 15th. Players will have the ability to withdrawal all of their funds until that date, afterwards all funds that haven’t been taken out by players will be kept my by the casino. The reasoning for Mansion Poker leaving the market is because of the regulatory infrastructure happening in the UK Gambling Market. No operator wants to pay the mass amount of taxes that will come with operating in the United Kingdom.


Those players who are still active at Mansion Poker have been recommended to play at TitanBet Poker, this in return will allow for players to have the opportunity to continue to play a poker experience that resembles Mansion Pokers experience to the tee. VIP Players who do transfer over to Titanbet poker will be able to keep their VIP Status and also receive a match bonus worth 200%.

The United Kingdom Government has had a large amount of operators pull out of the market which has worried not only the government but also players. You see online gambling operators will now have to pay a 15% tax on every gambling platform they offer to their punters. This will prove to be a mass amount of money lost from the casino which has lead to the majority of operators leaving the market.

This information came to light after Mansion Poker sent an email to each one of their customers. The email reads as follows, “Due to changing regulations regarding online gaming in the United Kingdom, we must inform you that Mansion Poker is required to close its doors to UK players on September 15th, 2014. As a result, we kindly request that you withdraw any and all funds you have in your Mansion Poker account.”

Betfair To Stay In Jersey Market

The Trump Plaza online casino will be shutting down their doors for good on September 16th, after nearly a year in operation the Trump Plaza online casino has been forced to shut down their doors as they haven’t been able to turn a profit what so ever. The casino was actually losing money, the casino wanted to shut down months ago but continued to operate in hopes that their popularity would increase in those final three months. Unfortunately their popularity dwindled down to almost nothing which resulted in the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement telling the Trump Plaza online casino to shut down their doors.

betfair logo

No one will miss this online casino as the majority didn’t bother to even register an account with them as their services seemed poor. What punters have been concerned with is what will happen with Betfair? many have been waiting for this software to transfer over to another online casino and with Trump’s closing it could mean that this software developer will leave the market as well. You need not to worry as Betfair will continue to operate in the New Jersey Online Gambling Industry. They just first have to find an online casino that is willing to take on their platform and provide it to their punters.

There isn’t any word as to which online casino will be taking up Betfair as a platform. Many people hope that Tropicana Casino will take them up as their popularity is large in scale and having Betfair as a platform will only allow for that popularity to grow.

Full Tilt Poker To Be Rebranded By Amaya Gaming

Full Tilt Poker stands as a leader amongst various other poker rooms. Throughout their years of operations Full Tilt Poker has seen a mass amount of players deposit into their player account, the poker room has seen itself rise to popularity in a short period of time and Full Tilt Poker has seen their demise as well. Several years ago Full Tilt Poker saw a decrease in player activity due to their previous owners “The Rational Group” not paying players their winnings. Luckily for Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars there is still a chance for them to reclaim their fame. Both of these poker firms owe a great deal of thanks to Amaya Gaming, a Canadian based gambling firm that recently purchased both FTP and PokerStars.

FullTilt logo

This is considered to be the largest payout for any gambling firm in Online Gambling history. Amaya Gaming understands that Full Tilt Poker has a bad reputation due to the previous owners. This is why Amaya Gaming revealed this month that their rebranding Full Tilt Poker will be the first step in doing so is by changing the poker rooms name to “Full Tilt Gaming”. Amaya Gaming has yet to reveal as to when this rebranding will begin.
David Baazov, the current CEO of Amaya Gaming took time out of his day to say the following, “Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars are still well known names in the industry.

Thanks to the rational group their reputation has worsened and thus by we must repair that reputation. Our first step in doing so is rebranding both of these poker rooms. We will change the name of Full Tilt Poker over to Full Tilt Gaming, small design changes will also be made. We are not yet ready to reveal as to when the rebranding will begin.”

Fast Forward Poker Now Available From Party Poker

There are dozens of different poker firms currently operating within the online poker market. Each operator competes with one another in hopes that they can be the most popular poker room and one of these is Party Poker. Party Poker has a eighty percent approval rating by poker players and analysts believe that it is because Party Poker offers a software unrivaled by any of their competition, not to mention they advertise their service through the Television.


Party Poker was happy to reveal that their beloved fast forward poker platform has made its way over to mobile devices. Players located within the borders of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland or Austria will be able to experience the Fast Forward Party Poker platform through either their iOS based mobile device or Android based mobile device. Depending on how you like to gamble you can either choose to play this poker platform through your mobile devices web browser or you can download the Party Poker Application. Downloading the app will result in faster speeds when loading the game and making a wager.
Party Poker couldn’t be reached for a comment as of right now. Clearly the developers at this poker firm are hard at work fine tuning every detail in their Fast Forward mobile poker platform. Downloading the Party Poker mobile app will require you to search “Party Poker” on either the Android or Apple app store.

Party Poker has plans to release their Fast Forward poker platform to every country within the European Union in the near future.