List of poker hands explained

What follows is a complete list of the possible poker hands that players get in a game that uses the standard 5 cards. The hands listed below are formed without any wild cards or jokers and they start with the lowest possible hand and go up to the most valuable.

The High Card: when all players that are part of the game don’t manage to form at least a pair, the one that has the highest card out of all of them will be the winner. The Ace would be the best possible high card here.


One Pair: a pair consists of two cards that have the same symbol on them, so it will have either two Jacks, two Aces, two Queens and so on.

Two Pair: this is similar to having one pair, only there are two of them. It can be any mix of cards (two six cards with two deuces, two kings with two jacks, etc).

Three Cards of a Kind: when you get three identical cards (same number or figure on them) you basically get three cards that are of the same kind. An example is having three aces or three 7’s. The other two cards must be different from each other (if they form a pair it’s a full house).

The Flush: here you don’t need to have any cards that have identical numbers, but you do need all of them to have an identical suit. A typical example is a combination with a 2, a 5, a 6, a 10 and a Jack, all of them of spades. What matters here is the spade (or heart, clubs, diamond), not the number.

Full House: the full house combines the pair with three of a kind, so you need both types to be part of the five card hand. Three 6’s with two 7’s would form a full house, but that’s just one possible combo.

Four of a Kind: this is one of the higher value combinations that you can get, where you have all four cards that have the same symbol on them. The fifth card doesn’t matter in this case since nobody else can have the same four identical cards as you do. Getting four King cards and a fifth card with an Ace on it is an example of this type of combo.

The Straight Flush: while a typical flush needs five cards of the same suit but in no particular order, the straight flush needs for all five cards to be in order and for all fo them to be of hearts.

Royal Straight Flush: this is also a flush, only the requirement here is for the five cards to be the ones starting with the 10, then Jack, Queen, King and Ace. They have to be of the same suit, but it doesn’t matter which one it is. This is the best possible combination in the game and it’s extremely rare.

The farther down the list you go, the higher the value of the combination. The lowest one would be the high card, while the best one is the royal straight flush.

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