Omaha Hold’em

The game of Omaha Hold’em is a poker variant that’s quite similar to the popular variant called Texas Hold’em. While not as popular as the Texas variant, Omaha is one of the poker games that are appreciated by a lot of players and it’s easily found online.

Omaha hold'em

One of the differences from Texas is the way the combinations are formed. The player gets two hole cards and five community cards and he has to form the best hand possible using both hole cards and three of the community cards. The difference is that the hole cards must both be used, while in Texas it was also possible to use one hole card or none.

The game uses the typical deck of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled by the dealer and dealt, but he doesn’t play the game against the players. There is a button that marks the dealer position on the table among the players, but there is someone else dealing the cards.

The initial bets are called blinds and they are posted by the first and the second player from the dealer’s left side. The blind has a fixed size, depending on the table you’re at, equal to the value of the minimum bet for the second player and half of that value for the first one.

The players then get four cards, all of them with the face down (in Texas Hold’em you will find only two cards being dealt with the face down).

Once the players see what cards they’ve been dealt, the first betting round starts up. The first player to place a bet is the one from the left side of the players that posted blinds. The players each get their turn and when they do they are allowed to call, to fold or to raise the stakes.

Once the initial betting round is done, the deck’s top card gets discarded (also known as burning a card). The aim is to make sure nobody saw that card by accident. Three cards are then dealt on the table, all of them facing up and part of the flop.

Once the flop is done, you will find a second round of betting starting up. This time the first one to place a bet is the player located immediately to the dealer’s left side.

Next, another top card is burned, after which there is a fourth community card placed also with the face up. This part of the game is called the Turn.

Following the third betting round, the dealer discards a card again, after which he places the fifth card face-up, as part of the River round.

At this point the players will know exactly what their best combination is, using the two cards that only they know and three of the five community cards that are visible to everyone.

Based on that knowledge they can start placing wagers once again, for the last round. Once they’re done calling, raising or folding, they get to reveal the hand they have to the others. The player that raised last or who placed the first bet will be the one to display the hand first.

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