Online vs Offline Casino Poker

In the last two decades, ever since online poker took off, the online gambling industry exploded and these days you will find that most people are playing against others on the Internet instead of going to a casino room. While the poker game is not as popular in the United States right now thanks to the restrictions that laws have put on the industry during the last decade or so, it’s still a favorite pastime of players from all over the world. You will find below both some pros and some cons for playing online vs playing at a regular casino.


Online Poker

There are some obvious advantages to playing poker online. The main one would be the comfort element, being able to play it from your own home, at any time of the day or night and while wearing pajamas if that’s what you want. You don’t have to plan in advance to go to a casino, you don’t spend money on drinks while you’re there or on gas for that matter. Your costs consist just in the money you use to play, nothing else.

Even better, you can choose one of the hundreds of poker rooms that are available online instead of relying on a limited number of casinos that might be in your area. If you’re sitting at a table with good players, it takes you seconds to get out of that room and switch to another where you might find more beginners to profit from. When you do play, you can be in multiple rooms at the same time and playing multiple hands. That means more money in your pocket if you know what you’re doing.

As far as cons go, online poker might get boring after some time since it’s just you sitting in front of the computer screen and trying to juggle as many poker rooms as possible. They’re simply not as fun as real casinos, especially if you go there with your friends. A weekend in Las Vegas is still a favorite way to spend time for a lot of people, despite the extra expenses associated with that kind of vacation.

Offline Casino Poker

Many of the advantages I’ve mentioned above for online poker quality as disadvantages for poker games that take place in brick and mortar casinos. However, there are certain advantages as well for regular casinos. Among them would be the element of fun that they bring to their players and the atmosphere.

Another advantage of playing this game in the regular casino is the human element. You’re going to find it easier to figure out what the other guy is doing if you can see him squirm when he has a good hand. Online you will find it much more difficult to figure out what the other players are trying to do, since you can only follow their actions and you don’t have any body language clues. If you know people and you train yourself to spot these clues, poker can be a lot of fun. However, if you’re the kind that doesn’t do that great with other people, playing from behind the computer screen might prove to be a good idea.


Unless you move to Las Vegas or you live next door to a casino, you’re probably going to want to give online poker a real shot. It’s a good idea to try both though, in order to become a well rounded poker player.

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