Poker games

The mixed poker games are available to all players, but it’s recommended that you start playing them only if you have a solid grasp on all the variants of poker that are part of them. There are different types of mixes that we will cover below. A typical mixed game will give you the chance to play certain games for fixed periods of time, all without leaving the table you’re at. You play against the same players and if your game is solid across the board you might just win a decent amount of money if they’re not as good at all the variants that are in the mix.

Mixed poker games

The best known mixed game is HORSE, with each letter from the name representing a different variant of poker. In this case it starts with Texas Hold’em (the H), continues with Omaha High-Low (O), then Razz (R), Seven Card Stud (S) and finally Seven Card Stud in the Eight-or-better variant (E). Each of these five types of games will be played a certain number of times before the next one comes into rotation.

There are other possible combinations that use fewer variants out of the five that are part of HORSE. That’s how you get a game like HOSE (doesn’t have the Razz game in it), HOE (both Seven Card Stud and Razz are missing), HO (only has Texas Hold’em plus the Omaha High Low game), OE (combines Omaha with Eight or Better 7 Card Stud) or HA (both Omaha and Texas Hold’em played with pot limit).

Some games will mix no limit and fixed limit variants of the same game. It’s the case with Holdem Mixed, where Texas Hold’em variants are combined, and it also happens in Mixed Omaha High-Low (pot limit with fixed limit are mixed).

Finally, we get to the game mixes that have eight or more variants. The ones that are part of it are Eight Game Mix, Ten Game Mix, Twelve Game Mix and Thirteen Game Mix. The variant that is quite popular thanks to its use during the WSOP (World Series of Poker) is Ten Game Mix.

That’s a lot of different variants of poker that you have to know how to play, but that also means that you get your chance to take the money of the other players. It’s also the kind of thing that challenges you and makes you think of different types of strategies and ways to approach the games.

Each one of the mixed poker games require you to come up with a slightly different strategy. If your game is not as good in all the variants that you’re playing, adjust your tactics accordingly and make sure the other players don’t get a chance to take too much money from you. Come back to a strategy that allows you to win more once you’re playing the variants you’re comfortable with.

Playing a mixed poker game also has the benefit of being exciting. If you get bored easily while playing the same kind of poker, then maybe a game like HORSE is for you.

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