Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is without a doubt the most popular type of poker you will see people play. It gets a lot of help from TV as well, as many of the bigger tournaments that are televised belong to this genre and people become fans eventually. Starting to play Texas Hold’em is easy enough, but it’s a good idea to get a good grip of the game and some of its basic strategies before you move on from the low stakes tables to the high stakes ones.

Texas holdem

A game of Texas Hold’em is not difficult to play, but if you want to become truly good at it you will find that it’s not as easy. The players get two cards each, after which a total of five cards that are common to all of them will be placed on the board, with the face up. Take all seven cards that you can use and you create the best combination of five cards out of them.

The game starts with the blinds, bets that are placed by players that are to the dealer’s left side. The first one places a small blind bet, while the second one from the dealer places the big blind bet. The value of the big blind is the same as the minimum bet possible at the table. These two initial bets are the only ones to be placed during the first round. With the deal rotating, all players get a chance to act as dealers, to place small blinds and big blinds.

There are two cards dealt next, to each player and with their face pointing down. Once that happens, the first player after the big blind position places the amount of the big blind to call or he raises the bet. Everyone gets a chance to do the same and if someone raised before them they have to call that amount instead of the value of the big blind.

Once they’ve gone through the initial bets, players go forward to the flop, where three community cards are placed on the table, with the face up so they are visible to everyone. All players have access to these cards and use them to form a better combination. Once again, a round of betting takes place and players call, raise or drop out.

The fourth community card to be shown is part of the next phase, the turn. The player has an extra card to form combinations with and to consider. At the same time he has to try and figure out how the new card changed the plans of his opponents and if their odds of a good hand increased. The next betting round follows and once it’s done the remaining players go through the river round.

With the river the dealer places the last of the five community cards on the table, also with its face pointing up. At this point the player knows what his best hand is and can decide on what he should do in the last betting round.

The winner of the round is found by looking at the best possible combination that each one can form by taking in consideration both the community cards and his own two hole cards. If it happens that the community cards form the best combination possible, the pot is split among the players that are still in the game. It’s not something you should expect to see often though.

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